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Dahal insists on political unity to protect achievements


The CPN (Maoist Centre) today observed the 27th ‘Peoples’ War Day’ by organising several programmes. The Madhesh Province Government held a special programme at the Province Capital Janakpur on the occasion. The party observes Fagun 1 of the Nepali calendar each year as the ‘People’s War Day’ in commemoration of the announcement of the Maoist armed conflict on Fagun 1, 2052 BS. In this connection, party Chairperson Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ addressed a programme organised at the party central office, Parisdanda today. On the occasion, the former Prime Minister claimed a wave for fresh unity sent by the people’s war and people’s movement at political spectrum provided a ground for promulgating the new Constitution, institutionalizing the Federal Democratic Republic. He took time to call on the Province and Federal Governments to observe the Day.

Stating that some groups and some people did not entertain a new political change and unity in the country since beginning and the its ripple was still felt. “Some people are working round the clock to try to tarnish the image of Maoist leaders and cadres. Achievements of people’s war, national independence and the movement for nationality are maliciously targeted,” he expressed worry, calling upon all revolutionary forces to move ahead with new energy and synergy. As he explained, last year’s political regression in the country was revoked with the public support and efforts are going on to split the political alliance against such regression.

He hoped such collaboration aims to protect the Constitution and promote nationality. He further said that he was falsely reported that he forced to put off the House of Representatives’ session, refuting the report. On a different note, he called upon all revolutionary, leftist forces, Maoists and those wishing good for the nation to join a path of unity and cooperation.

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