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14 schools selected for President Educational Reform Program


Fourteen schools in Rukum East have been selected for the President Educational Reform Program. The 14 schools at three local levels of the district have been selected under this program linked with physical improvement of schools and information technology. Under the program, budget will provided for construction of school buildings and establishment of Information and Communications Technology Laboratory (ICT) Lab.

The budget for the four-room building would be Rs. 3.6 million per school, Rs. 1.8 million for the two-room building and Rs. 650,000 for ICT lab, said Tilak Gautam, head of the Education Development and Coordination Unit, Rukum (East). Schools of Sisne rural municipality, four schools of Bhume and four schools of Putha Uttarganga rural municipality have been selected for this program. Navajyoti Basic School, Bhattechaur of Sisne-1, Himalaya Secondary School, Naigad, Ward No. 2 and Rukmini Secondary School, Ward No. 5 have been selected for the establishment of ICT Lab. A four-room building will be constructed at the Japapriya high school Dading of Ward No. 4, Sisnepokhari Basic School of Ward No. 1 and Amalachaur Basic School of Ward No. 4. An ICT lab will be set up at Triveni Higher Secondary School, Kankri, Ward No. 8, Kuchibang in Bhume.

A two-room building will be constructed at Taksar Basic School Jhumlabang of Ward No. 3 and a four-room building at Saraswati Secondary School Simkhola of Ward No. 8. A computer science and four-room building will be constructed at Mahendra Secondary School, Taksera, Ward No. 10, Putha Uttarganga, a two-room building at Siddhamandali Secondary School, Rangsi, Ward No. 14, and a four-room building at Adarsh Secondary School, Kharabang, Ward No. 9. Similarly, an ICT lab will be set up at Uttarganga Basic School, Serabaluwa, Ward No. 11. The implementation process will start as soon as the financial transfer is done at the local level, said Gautam.

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