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President Bhandari insists on effective justice delivery


President Bidya Bhandari has stressed that all bodies concerned should ensure effective delivery of justice by assimilating the basic principles of justice.

While addressing the national gathering of ‘15th All Nepal Law Practitioners’ National Conference’, Nepal Bar Association kicked off in Kathmandu today, the Head-of-the-State insisted on a vital role of legal practitioners to keep the norms and values of independent judiciary intact in course of justice delivery.
“Justice delayed is justice denied,” the President said, adding that the role of legal practitioners was crucial to ensure people’s access to justice. “Punishment without crime is a grave injustice.”

She took time to urged law practitioners to upgrade self and contribute to the building of an equitable and justice society founded on the democratic norms and values.

Stating that the over legal procedures were becoming wider with the rapid process of globalization, the President said the situation had led to the rise in demand for internationally competent law workforce.

The President stressed on the need of providing quality education in the institutions teaching law so as to produce qualified, capable and upright law researchers and law practitioners.

She urged the Nepal Bar Association, an integral part of the judiciary, to play more effective role for the promotion of independent judiciary, the rule of law, constitutional supremacy and human rights as well as to fulfill the aspirations of the law practitioners and the law consumers.

The Head of the State appreciated NBA for providing free legal service to increase access to law for the helpless and indigent communities. She also drew the attention of NBA towards the steps that are required from the judicial sector for strengthening the ecosystem balance in the context of the increasing challenges posed by the global climate change crisis.

The President urged the law practitioners to be fair and professional role regarding the disputes that arise now and then regarding the jurisdiction of the Executive and the Judiciary for consolidating the basic structures of the republic.

She expected this conference to take effective decisions in implementing conclusions taken by various sectors in ending anomalies and aberrations in judiciary. Along with contributions of law practitioners, judiciary interpretations and propounded principals would prosper the constitutionalism and democracy, she viewed.

President Bhandari suggested that law practitioners advocate and develop laws by putting the country, people and society at the center. She also stressed the need for law practitioners, jurisprudence experts and professors and students in law to launch an effective campaign to eradicate corruption and establish sustainable peace and good governance. On the occasion, legal expert Krishna Prasad Bhandari, 95, also former President of the Nepal Bar Association, has been honoured with the ‘Law Wangmaya Centenarian Men Award’. The President offered a shawl and a letter of appreciation to Krishna Prasad in his honour.

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