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BP’s life-based documentary ‘Rajdrohi Rajneta’ to be screened today


A documentary ‘Rajdrohi Rajneta (Rebellion Statesman)’ based on the life of Nepal’s first people-elected Prime Minster BP Koirala is set to be screened today.

The Sushil Koirala Memorial Foundation and anweshannews.com collaborated for the production and screening of the documentary.

The documentary includes the incidents from 2031 BS to 2036 BS. According to the Chief Editor of anveshannews.com, Jagat Nepal, it took almost six years to produce the documentary. It has captured live reflections of then Justice Janakman Shrestha who gave verdict on the treason and sedition charges against veteran leaders including BP and Ganeshmen, former Prime Minister Kirtinidhi Bista, Dr Mrigendraraj Pandey who served as BP’s doctor, former administrator Surya Prasad Shrestha and senior advocate Krishna Prasad Bhandari.

Likewise, the documentary has also caught the expression of leader Khum Bahadur Khadka who was with BP while returning Nepal with the National Unity and Reconciliation Policy in 2033 BS as well as of former Treasurer of Nepali Congress Rambabu Prasain. Both the leaders are no more now but their voices were taken earlier.

The documentary has also depicted how BP gave up the offer to become the first-ever President of Nepal for country’s sake before the leaders including BP returned home with reconciliation policy.

The documentary has also vividly reflected how BP – also the founder of the Nepali Congress – returned Nepal on 16 Poush 2033 BS without caring eight treason and sedition charges against him and how referendum was declared in the country.

Member-Secretary of the Foundation, Atul Koirala shared RSS that the documentary has minutely demonstrated BP’s declaration of national unity and reconciliation amidst the fear of capital punishment on treason cases immediately after entering into the country and crisis on nationality while prolonging exile in India.

The documentary has also demonstrated how BP became the statesman with his country return declaring the principle of national unity and reconciliation putting his life at stake. The risk he took to protect country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity has also been well-reflected well in the documentary.

Other 12 documentaries are also to be produced as part of exploration campaign.
Though developed countries put priority to protect such historical anecdotes and evidences on their own, Nepal is lagging behind in carrying out such crucial task. Several such facts and materials are on verge of disappearance due to ignorance of the state agencies to this effect.

The anveshannews.com shared that the exploration campaign was put in place to protect the historical facts and materials. Other documentaries ‘Hijack for Democracy’ and ‘Mission Okhaldhunga’ are also in the final phase of editing, according to the chief editor.

The documentary ‘Rajdrohi Rajneta’ is to be screened at City Center on the occasion of National Democracy Day, the Foundation sources said. Nepali Congress leaders are expected to attend the documentary screening event.

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