Marsyangdi River back to original course

Marsyangdi River in Manang has been diverted to its original course. The river had changed its regular course following the incessant rains since June 15.

A water dam had been created with the river changing its course and it had put the nearby Chame Bazar at high risk of possible consequences.

The district-based security bodies and locals worked for over a month to divert the river back to its original course, said Armed Police Force, Manang’s Deputy Superintendent of Police, Homnath Panthi.
The locals, armed police force, Nepal police and other bodies contributed to restore the river to its original path and we had been able to evade the risk for the nearby settlement for the time being. The flood from the river had swept away the sole suspension bridge in the Chame Bazar.

More, a flood occurred on July 20 swept away a suspension bridge connecting Chame to the Upper Mustang. The July 15 flood had its implications on roadways, school buildings and personal residences and the security force was doing its best to mitigate the loss and the further risk of the disaster, according to Panthi.


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