Sports? Now that’s a million-dollar question

Wake up Nepal!

These days academics and sports together are viewed as the building blocks for any nation. Be it, regarding the name, acclaim, development or whatever, these two together have dependably been effective in making individuals proud of their nation. However, in Nepal, this combination sounds incredible in speculations or in talks, but do individuals around here truly digest the reality of consolidating sports and academics? Now, that is a million-dollar question.

Our nation Nepal is well known for quarrels regarding these issues. We as a whole love and are committed towards sports. We adore when there is a cricket or football match ofNepal, the whole nation meets up, holding each other’s hand and shouting at the top of our voice: “Nepal-Nepal”, cheering for the nation. However, people only love sports when academics is not a part of it. As soon as people hear the word “academics”, the entire crowd just goes silent. This is on the grounds that academics detests sports. People are scared of making sports a part of their life. They think sports will fetch them nothing. None of us set out to respond to the call of making a go of games and academics together. We simply flee from the issues we can’t tackle. We see dreams of playing professional sports, but they just remain dreams forever.

People say sports has no future particularly in a nation like Nepal. Yeh, maybe that’s true. A nation where the population is more than 28.6 million and where each child dreams to play for their nation, just a few individuals get to play in a match. That resembles right around 0 percent of the all-out populace is finding the opportunity to play. If you simply take a glance at the statistics, it bodes well with whatever they state. Just a few individuals getting the opportunity to play. Shouldn’t something be said about the rest? Their fantasies just escaped by a solitary match.

Even though, if some people take up the challenge, they do not get the respect and support that they deserve. Everything that we say about sports is true, it does not have any future as a profession, but this is where most of us go wrong. We only see sports to exist at a professional level or not at all. We don’t realize the benefits that we gain from brushing sports with academics. Why do we need to bury our dreams?

There is no compelling reason to give your full time and commitment to sports. You can make it a part of your life. Making sports a part of our lives can teach us plenty that will be very useful. The basic quality of every sportsman is discipline. In today’s world, discipline is mandatory. People say, “The first impression is the best impression”. The very first thing every person looks into a character of a man is his discipline, and without it, it’s going to fetch us nothing. When I mean discipline, I mean the attitude, punctuality, propensities, and many more. Without all these basic disciplines a man isn’t prepared to venture into present realities. No one is ever going to like him. He won’t have a job or a career and worse, he won’t have a social life. Apart from discipline, leadership quality and teamwork are necessary to stay at the top. Accomplishing anything in life is probably not going to be a self-exertion. Perceiving how to interact with others and work together to achieve a mutual target, gives an amazing building up to future interests. Today’s youth are the leaders of tomorrow. Leadership is all that is going to matter to make us survive in this competitive world. There is no way that academics is going to teach us all these qualities.

People often tell me, “all these qualities can also be achieved in various ways such as debate, public speaking, projects, and many more in which academics is required, not sports.” Be that as it may, but sports are likewise required to boost your academics. Sports builds bloodstream in the cerebrum and expands the association between nerves prompting better fixation, upgraded memory, animated inventiveness, and better critical thinking aptitudes. Sports release endorphins. It helps your brain to grow and makes it function better.

You can see how sports is important and it is a misconception that sports leads you to nowhere, but in-fact it acts as a medium to make progress. Winners never quit and quitters never win. Now it’s up to you whether you want to quit or win.

  • Sakar Sharma



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