Spirituality and Peace of Mind : Ishwor Chaulagain

Spirituality is an un-explainable fact, it cooperates with the mind, though not spoken. Peace is an end product, the process is thought. Happiness and sorrow can be considered as aberrations. There can’t be an absolute peace as such for an active mind. An active mind will always analyze all the happening around us, but selectively give attention to preserve peace of mind. All emotions will disturb peace of mind. Love and hate are the components of emotions, affections and captivity are part of it. Achievements and goals too, block or delay the process. More the desire, less the peace of mind. A simple life is the best option to be at peace.

“Love and peace of mind do protect us. They allow us to overcome the problems that life hands us. They teach us to survive… to live now… to have the courage to confront each day”. (Bernie Siegel)
It is commonly believe that wars commence in the minds of us and the defenses of peace must be constructed in the minds of us too. We are searching peace constantly at the same time we do not understand what we are searching for. A war of division explodes in the mind when actually the mind seeks peace. The need of peace and tranquility is not concerned to our eyes, hands etc. it is completely connected with mind which is searching for stability. The instability of the mind is certainly the result of dissatisfaction and ignorance of soul that is merely related to wisdom of divine power, defined as spirituality.

Nobody can bring you peace but yourself.” —Ralph Waldo Emerson

Let’s make an existence to our five sensory organs along with mind and intellect. No doubt, for our eyes, we have beautiful scenery, for nose we have perfumed smells, similarly, we have delicious food for our mouth and nice and melodious tune for our ears. For hands too, we have hard work and dedication. We have walking for our legs. But what is there for our mind? Honestly nothing. It indicates our mind has on aim. It is lost. It is aimless. How then can it be peaceful? Various methods for bringing tranquility have been practiced and are being tried presently too. Various yogas, meditation, and other different things to get peace are still in practice. According to Manav Dharma, one of them is chanting. Guru Maharaj adds that many people chant mantra. The actual meaning of Mantra is a chant which controls the mind with positivity. The chant is also perceived as ‘Man par niyantrana’ simply ‘Man’ refers to mind and niyantrana means control. When we chant mantras, it gives a certain vibration. This is the way from where the subtle technique comes in. When we do it, we make it perfect and our mind automatically becomes calm. It becomes controlled.

Another way of having tranquility in mind is meditation. Guru stresses that in meditation, three things are involved. One is the object of meditation, then next one is process of meditation and another is the person who meditates. When we combine these three, there is samadhi. So, the most crucial thing that we need for meditation is object. Without it, we become blind where to concentrate our mind. So we must know it. For practicing mantras and meditation in a perfect manner. There is a satsing which is going on virtually now due to Covid 19 pandemic in Nepal. Saints are delivering mantras and meditation in Satsang. God has given us a beautiful opportunity to sow either beautiful and colorful flowers or thorns in our lives. Therefore let’s follow the path of meditation to experience the Kingdom of Heaven.

Note: The writer belongs to Manav Dharma Sewa Samiti, Dolakha


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