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Today is the time of globalization and industrialization. It is the time of technology which should be explicitly applied in teaching_ learning process. Today is the changing time, changing perspectives, changing schools, changing leadership, changing management, changing classroom, changing classroom management, changing teachers and changing students. In these global days of shifting of all aspects of education, classroom management also should be changed. If a teacher does not become updated with recent strategies of well classroom management, s/he will be outdated and old fashioned. Emerging new innovative strategies of well classroom management has made teaching-learning profession intellectually challenging job. In the field of teaching- learning it is most though bringing change is one of the intractable task.

Unfortunately some research studies indicates that teachers overwhelmingly report lack of professional development support in improving classroom management. Despite this unideal situation, there are some process a teacher can implement himself or herself. These processes may improve students' behavior and academic engagement, establishing an orderly environment.
1. A teacher should present model ideal behavior.
2. Let students help establish student classroom rules and guidelines.
3. If possible, avoid punishing the class. Address isolated behavior issues instead of punishing an entire class.
4. Always encourage initiative, promote growth mindset.
5. A teacher should offer praise students for their jobs.
6. Use non-verbal communication, actions and visual aids to improve content delivering helping students focus and process lesson.
7. If possibility occurs, throw an occasional classroom celebration to acknowledge students' hard work, motivating them to keep it up.
8. Give tangible rewards.
9. Build excitement for content.
10. Offer different types of free study time.
11. Assign open-ended questions.
12. Gamify personal learning plans

Finally well classroom management in teaching and learning process is need and call of present in this profession. If a teacher creates these learning environment in classroom in collaborative process among students, learning process of students can be enhanced.

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(The writer is the member of NELTA Branch, Dolakha)

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