Eurasia Cup selection: Belgium, Wales and Croatia win


Belgium have won a comfortable four-point victory over San Marino in the Group I selection on Friday night under the Euro Cup 3.

Belgium had pressured San Marino from the start of the game while maintaining their undefeated journey. Belgium, who scored the first five minutes without a goal, scored in the 8th minute. His batsui managed to score a penalty.

Mertens scored the second goal for Belgium in the 8th minute of the game, absent from the brother of star player Eden Harjard. Then in the 8th minute, with Chadil scoring a goal, Belgium were ahead three-zero. Belgium added a fourth goal in the game’s injury. Batsui managed to score a goal for him.

Following this win, Belgium have made the trip to the Euro Cup selection by five points from Group I in five games.

Likewise, Wales defeated Azerbaijan by two wickets in a game on Friday night, while Croatia defeated Slovakia by four wickets.

Gareth Bale scored one goal for Wales in the game at Cardiff City and got one goal gift. In the 8th minute of the game, Pasayev scored a suicide goal after Wales made the game. But in the 7th minute, Irmili returned with Azerbaijan in the game. But in the 8th minute, Bell scored a two-goal win over Bell.

In the next game, Croatia defeated Slovakia by four-zero. In his win, Vlasich, Perisich, Lovren and Petkovic scored one goal each. In the one-sided game, Croatia scored two goals in the second half while scoring one goal in the last half.

He scored on Vlasich’s goal in the 8th minute. Then in the 8th minute, Perisich scored the second goal, Petkovic added the third goal in the 8th minute. Then in the 19th minute, Lovren scored the fourth goal.

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