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Orientation on personal transformation and stress management


The Pokhara University has conducted a day-long orientation on personal transformation and stress management, marking its silver jubilee celebration. The orientation was provided by Prof Dr Chintamani Yogi and Swami Yoganand.

On the occasion, Vice Chancellor and chairperson of Silver Jubilee celebration main committee, Prof Dr Prem Narayan Aryal, said the physical body and properties count no importance as compared to human prestige and reputation. The name and fame ensure immortality to human, he added, so it is imperative to shun stress and transform life.

He further said all sides should give up anger, jealousy and hatred even for elevating image of the university. Environment of trust and unity is equally important, according to him.

Registrar Dr Dipak Bahadur Bhandari reminded that human body also has hardware and software like that of computer. Anything that is harmful to body must be removed and creation and creativity instilled, he viewed, adding that it would pave way for our personal transformation. Changing thoughts and reviving brain energy help in creativity, according to him.

Trainer Dr Chintamani Yogi said human was not acknowledging own potential, rather hankering after love, luxury, property, family etc. Knowing self must be prioritized by the human to ward off agonized life, he said, adding that self transformation contributes to building image of the university as well.

Another trainer Swami Yogananda argued that people are living under stress and duress for lack of proper stress management. It is source of plight, he said. Yoga, good food, good speech, good environment and good thoughts are essential to stress management, he suggested. He also recommended laughing therapy, meditation and yoga practice for a healthy blissful life.

Some 200 persons including university officials, teachers, employees and students had attended the orientation programme.

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