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Mechi Hospital to be upgraded to 200-bed


Health Minister of Province-1, Jayaram Yadav said competent human resource would be arranged for operating new health equipment.

At a press conference organized by the Ministry of Health on Sunday, he shared vacancy fulfillment process would be put forward since 50 percent positions are lying vacant at health facilities in the province.

On the occasion, he unveiled a 100-day programme for the improvement of heath sector. Among the programmes he prioritized were preparation of provincial health policy, developing strategy for the prevention and control of communicable disease from animal, preparation of guideline on health insurance board and submitting it to the cabinet and making necessary preparation to upgrade the Mechi Hospital to 200 beds.

The health minister has put forth his plan to make necessary arrangement to operate Provincial Ayurveda Hospital, start province public health lab service from own building, implement local health institution improvement programme and hand over of ambulance for providing emergency health services.
Likewise, he had laid emphasis on collecting vacant posts of health workers across the province and sending details to the public service, preparing long-term action plan of COVID-19 treatment center and arranging land for province health supply management center.

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