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Maoist Centre unofficially ready to pass MCC with explanatory note


The ruling coalition member CPN (Maoist Center) has agreed to accept the proposal to ratify the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) compact with the government with an explanatory statement.
According to the party source, the decision, said to be unofficial, aimed to keep the existing political alliance formed to safeguard the Constitution, democracy and nationality intact.

Party’s available former standing committee members were meeting regularly since Thursday in a bid to find out a way for ensuring the continuity of the alliance while taking the document to a conclusion simultaneously.

On Saturday, Party Chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’ briefed the media that discussions were on to identify and assess alternative(s) for the continuity of the alliance and finalisation of the proposal at the same time.

A meeting of the party’s former standing committee members this morning decided to follow the course as reported by the party chair, according to the party source. However, party leaders have not officially talked about the decision.

The ruling party NC has readied to conclude the document with descriptive notes. Parties were of the view of finding a common understanding on the matter amidst from possible alternatives to sort out the issue citing that debating on the same issue for long had unnecessarily fueled political disagreement.
Maoist Centre leader Barsha Man Pun said that the party decided to ratify the compact along with the explanatory note.

The main opposition CPN (UML) has been obstructing the parliament session since six months putting forth its demands. As a result, the parliament has failed to its regular agendas.

The Maoist Centre, which in the past had been refusing to endorse the agreement as it is, has come positive on the matter in the context that the existing coalition government may break in case of a failure to get a common view on the compact, some party leaders claimed.

The ruling Nepali Congress organised a series of talks with the UML on the matter, but to no avail. The UML has been reiterating that its demands should be addressed for clearing the parliament obstruction.
The HoR meeting has been called for today afternoon at 1 pm. The meeting is scheduled to hold a theoretical deliberation on the compact. The deadline for passing the agreement is February 28. The 55 billion worth project will be spent on the construction of the transmission lines and roads in Nepal.

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